Spring loves Film!

Hi! Spring is officially here now and I cannot resist sharing with you my most spring-like photos ever! What is special about these shots is that they are shot in real film – remember what photographers used 100 years ago!- the same concept! Except that I was shooting with my new analogic Canon 1V, which I bought in mint condition from Japan (they are no longer being manufactured).

I have been wanting to shoot film for a while now because I love the dreamy, soft effect they produce, perfect for my style of shooting. However, I am still trying to figure out how to apply film shooting into a wedding. The most likely thing is that I will become hybrid and shoot a mix of digital and film, as film needs lots of light and shots after dark don´t look great on film. If you would like me to shoot you in film, let me know!

For now, I´ll leave you with these beautiful shots of a styled session I put together with my friend and make up artist Max Meah with the Mallorca almond blossoms as the perfect backdrop. Film Fiji400H and images processed by Carmencita Film Lab.

Dress by: Y Comieron Perdices and Flowers by: Olivia Alexandra Flowers. A great team effort! Carrying the wooden ladder to the shoot location was my biggest challenge as it was a 15 mins walk from the street. It´s a good thing I had a man handy to give me a hand (the groom, Max´s son). Huge thanks to my beautiful model Indie.