Are you passionate about Photography? Have you considered weddings as a way to build a creative and joyful business and life?


Are you trying to break into the Weddings market and find it too overwhelming? Difficult to stand out and get your first (or better) clients?


If you would like help with all of the above and more, consider hiring me as your personal Wedding Coach.




First of all, a Wedding Coach will guide you step by step and give you custom advice on building the business side of Photography:




- How to get clients


- How to market yourself


- How to brand yourself


- How to stand out from the crowd


- How to increase your prices so that your business will be sustainable


- How to deal with client meetings and client queries...and much more




Secondly, the creative side of this business is really important as you know (but not enough). As a Wedding Photographer you need to:


- Learn how to find your own style


- Pick the gear and software that is best for you


- Shoot the actual wedding in a perfect and stress-free manner


- Edit and deliver your photos


- Continually improve your craft...and much more



I know it can be scary.


Many aspiring photographers out there start second shooting for other people and are so afraid to fail that they never make it to shooting their own weddings. If you don´t go out of your comfort zone you will never reach the top!



When I started out one of my motivational thoughts was this: "What do I have to lose...but everything?"




Let me help you take beautiful photos and build a passionate business around your life.


Hey! so great to have you here!


A long long time ago...(before year 2000) in a faraway land...( England) I was lost and desperately trying to find my true passion (and be able to make a living out of it).

I was born in a non-creative Spanish family and so I thought I wasn´t either. Since I was a really good student I decided to opt for a career in Finance as I would have good opportunities to find work there. After many years of hard work I finally graduated with honours from three Universities at the same time.


Problem was the first day I set my foot on the door of my first temp job my heart sank. I got cold sweat. I kept asking to myself "Why did I study Finance?, What was I thinking?"


I just could not bear the atmosphere in the office (or any corporate office as I later found out): people that looked bored flat in front of the computer day in, day out.


Don´t get me wrong, I think a career in Finance is great for the right person, and I was very luck to land a very good job in the City, with great mates. But for me it was uninspiring. I had to drag my feet in the morning to catch the bus and go to work.

So I became a sad person in a sad job and it took me years to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. So after taking after work short creative courses I found Photography! or maybe Photography found me!


After moving back to my beautiful island of Mallorca, where I now live, I decided it was time to start living my ideal life: not having a boss was a priority for me as I love my freedom, and building a work life around my personal life and not the other way around.


I started out second shooting for another photographer getting paid 35 euros per wedding! At first I liked it because it gave me experience. I think I had not been to that many weddings before then. So on my 30th birthday I decided that I had to quit my boring job, go all in and be a full-time photographer.


This was a great move because when you go full-time you have soooo much time and energy to put into your business. I started out building a basic portfolio (and I mean a real portfolio-album, with photos stuck to the paper!) from photos I had taken at my friends weddings. Then one day I visited a local wedding fair, met some lovely wedding planners and my career took off like crazy. And I never looked back.


It´s been over 15 years since I became a Wedding Photographer and it has been the most wonderful time of my life: I got to do what I loved, had a blast, made lots of friends along the way, made more money that I expected and especially, I was able to enjoy free time to be with my family. In 2019, before the pandemic, we traveled for two months around Asia and now we treasure those memories.


Now I don´t tell you all of that to brag. I am hoping you can be inspired and if you are struggling, don´t think you are alone. We all do. I did. But work became effortless because I was doing something I loved. Suddenly I didn´t mind working 10 hours a day. I loved it!


But how did I learn about business and my craft. By trial and error...over a period of many years. It took me a long time to feel confident with my skills. So much so that I presently don´t work with assistants or second shooters (unless it´s necessary).


I watched endless youtube tutorials, I went to many workshops and conferences but I am mostly self-taught.



Ready to become your best self and go after your dreams?



my friends say that i am




Chocolate addict

Health freak



Mallorca Wedding Photographer


If you want to save yourself years of struggle and learning like I did, consider investing in yourself and in your future with a personal Wedding Coach.

I will save you money, time and I will guide you on the path to success.

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