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Are you starting in Photography? Would you like to live a life full of passion and creativity?

Looking for fun ways to increase your income? Have you thought about photographing weddings? Now is the best time to prepare!

Since 2021 I am offering private Wedding Photography Coaching! I am really excited about helping newbies out there! It really can be overwhelming the amount of things you need to do and learn in order to sustain a profitable Wedding Photography business.

To me when I was starting out it was all about photographing the emotions and the glamour. Getting paid for going to parties and celebrations! My main motivation was doing something that I loved. Honestly, I did not care about the money. When you are passionate about what you do, money will follow you.

One of the main things newbie photographers invest in is gear. And that is right, you do need a good camera and a good lens. But beyond that, you don´t need a ton of presets, accessories, fancy camera bags, etc.

The best investment you will ever make is education. Watching tutorials on youtube is fine if you have 10 years to spend in front of the computer. And watching videos is great (I do it too) but it is confusing because one photographer does one thing and the other another. What you need is a whole system. In my case, a minimal system that will make sure you get the work done with the minimum effort. Why spend hours in front of the computer?

My work philosophy is this:

1- Learn to work in Manual Mode in order to get the perfect shot in camera.

2- Shoot in good light so editing in Lightroom will be a breeze.

3- Upload your images and deliver to another happy bride!

Ok before number #1 there are tons of things you need to do: get the client first!

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