Lizzie & Andrew´s gorgeous Deia  wedding

If you are looking for inspiration for a charming, relaxed, delicious, intimate, rustic, gorgeous Mediterranean wedding, you´ve come to the right place! I´d like to show you some of my fav pictures of the wedding of Lizzie & Andrew in Deia  last August. Lizzie has very good taste (she´s an interiors designer), and she did a great job putting this wedding together, with the invaluable help of the Hotel La Residencia wedding coordinator, Delphine. I have to say that every time I go to the Hotel La Residencia, I feel the relaxed and friendly atmosphere. I don´t get tired of taking photos there. Every little corner has a little something pretty. I love it! And of course the food at the restaurant El Olivo is delicious, one of my favourite places on the island. As you can see, the ceremony was held at the beautiful church of Deia .

Lizzie and Andrew were lovely and very easy to work with and had no requirements for me apart from taking a few shots of the lemonade service after the ceremony and the large group shot of the whole party. The lemonade after the service was a great idea because that August day was hot, hot! I loved it that Lizzie chose her dress very well. A dress suited for the rustic venue and weather. It was very pretty, with lace all over, but not big, layered or heavy. During the speeches Andrew mentioned that Lizzie got her dress only a couple of days after the proposal. She saw it and knew that it was perfect for her straight away! It´s by Alexandra Rich, bought in London. She accessorised the dress with chic flat sandals by Jimmy Choo and a pair of high heels for the ceremony. Andrew´s suit was by Paul Smith. After dinner, Lizzie changed her dress into another really cute vintagey one by Erdem.

Thank you Lizzie and Andrew for allowing me to be a small part of your wedding day! It was an honour sharing it with you and your family and friends. I wish love and happiness!

Si buscáis inspiracón para una boda campestre chic y relajada, habéis llegado al lugar correcto! Hoy me gustaría compartir con vosotros la preciosa boda de Lizzie y Andrew en Deia . La ceremonia se celebró en la pintoresca iglesia de Deia  y la fiesta en el Hotel La Residencia. La novia tiene muy buen gusto e hizo un gran trabajo organizando la boda, con la ayuda indispensable de la coordinadora de eventos del Hotel, Delphine. Me encantó su vestido ligero y muy apropiado para un día tan caluroso de agosto. Lizzie lo compró sólo unos dí­as después de la pedida de mano y en cuanto lo vio supo que era perfecto para ella. Creo recordar que era un vestido vintage, y el traje del novio era de Paul Smith. Y zapatos planos de Jimmy Choo para la novia, para poder bajar andando desde la Iglesia con toda comodidad. El Hotel La Residencia es maravilloso! Si no habéis estado nunca, os lo recomiendo, y el restaurante El Olivo es simplemente fabuloso, de lo mejorcito de Mallorca. Espero que os gusten las fotos!

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Make up by Susie Kenneth

Flowers by Charlotte at Vanda Flowers

Band: Soul Café

Food and Cake by La Residencia

Decorations: Something Borrowed