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I feel very fortunate to have a job that I LOVE. Early in my career as a junior investment banker I felt I was building a life that was not for me. The minute I stepped into my first work in a big bank I knew that I had chosen the wrong path. But hey, its never to late...I started figuring out what I liked (which took me several more years) until I found Photography. And the rest is history!


Weddings are a passion of mine and I love capturing beautiful images that families are going to treasure forever. I love feeling part of your day and creating bonds with my couples. Some of them last for years. And I promise I will make you look your best!


I also have my little love story that I want to share with you: I met my boyfriend when I was 15 years old and we have been together ever since. We "only" married in 2007 and we now have two gorgeous girls that fill us with joy. Becoming a parent with your soul mate is a great life experience, and adventure that will make you a better person.


I also love shooting Portraits in the studio for a more artistic look. In the studio there is only a plain background so the person really stands out. I love capturing his/her essence in a beautiful way. On location I do more fashionable Portraits and branding shoots.


Finally, as I love helping others, I have started coaching others photographers so I can help them start their own business and elevate their photography.



my friends say that i am




Chocolate addict

Health freak



Mallorca Wedding Photographer

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