Hotel Cap Rocat Honeymoon Session

Every time I go back to Hotel Cap Rocat, in this case, for a honeymoon session, I remember the old times. Back then, before it was turned into a luxury hotel, it was a fortress that belonged to the Army. Now it is one of the most beautiful resorts in Europe, set in a very unique location and vibe. It is the understated luxury, the long corridors surrounded by limestone walls, the sea breeze, the cliffs…just wonderful.

Carolin & Toby got married in Germany one week before traveling to Mallorca to enjoy their relaxing and enchanting honeymoon at Hotel Cap Rocat. They decided they wanted to be photographed in their wedding outfits, kind of a trash-the-dress session, but without trashing the dress.

We spent two hours walking around the resort, having fun exploring (we did not even have time to explore all of it or go down to the beach club) and trying to catch the best light possible…that is what I do. Carolin´s dress was quite fun in the sense that it had an overskirt that revealed part of her beautiful legs, so we played with that too. This the lovely comment that Carolin sent me after receiving the photos:

“I don´t know what to say, we are speechless. These pictures are just amazing, these are most wonderful. Thank you sooooo much for your work. You are crazy good :)”

Bridal Dress by Irene Luft . Groom´s suit was tailor-made.

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Mallorca is an excellent place for honeymoons. If you live in Europe only one or two hours away, there is no jetlag or currency exchange. You catch a plane and before you know it you are sipping mojitos at the beach. Or in this case, champagne, cheers!!

Sandra Mañas is a Mallorca-based wedding and portrait photographer, available to travel.

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