My life from lockdown to New Year´s

The year 2020 will be remembered by most as a challenging and transformational year, to say the least. What we initially thought would be a hiccup called coronavirus, ended up being the excuse to constrain and limit our constitutional and basic liberties, as well as ruin every economy on the planet.

First of all excuse me for not posting much during the year. Honestly, nothing much was going on workwise: no events or work at all so I had not many photos to share. Also, my mind was elsewhere, trying to figure out what to do next.

I did have a wonderful year, however…I´ll do a quick summary of what the year 2020 has been for myself. First, from mid-March my weddings started to be postponed one after the other…a few couples resisted a bit longer but at the end it was impossible to travel, stay in hotels and even get together with your friends and family. I felt terrible! This is a huge lesson in forgiveness and patience thrown at all the couples out there that had originally planned on getting married in 2020. I guess if the Olympic Games are postponed, so needs to be your wedding. If you are one of those couples that had to postpone your wedding from 2020 to 2021, my advice would be: life is about being adaptable, like the bamboo, flexible to work around your problems. Stay strong, positive and focusing on the good things in your life, your partner, your family and friends that love you.  All your deposits will be kept and postponed to another date so you will not lose any money. You might have to choose a different time of the year or week to get married, but this is part of the being flexible challenge. Yes, this situation is very unfortunate for everyone.

So this was my spring time panorama. We were happy to be safe and to have a lovely house with plenty of space to spend the lockdown. Ok the last semester of my kids school was a bit rough as I had to home-school my youngest daughter. And from March to June we were in very strict lockdown here in Spain. These three months probably ruined more than one marriage, as you are required to stay at home with your partner 24/7. It was not my case though, I love my husband and surprisingly we got along quite well. My kids sometimes drove me crazy but I had to be patient because they were not allowed outside the house not even 1 hour a day. I would go crazy too! Poor kids, the dogs were allowed more time out that them and from here I cheer all the kids in the world for managing so well in times of lockdown. They all became addicted to computers and videogames but what can you do…

Summer was amazing. Why? Because I have never experienced Mallorca, and I was born and raised here, without tourists!! (Don´t get me wrong, I love tourists!! We all need tourists, it´s our livelihood). I know our economy has suffered immensely but from my own selfish point of view, for the first time I could enjoy a quiet and relaxing summer: first because I had no work and second because there were no tourists to be seen (although to be frank the beaches were filled instead with tons of unemployed Spanish people enjoying the beach like me for the first time in their lives during the summer! hahaha! Not as empty as I thought! It felt weird at times, and sad at others to see stretches of beach bars closed. But Nature flourished and this was awesome to see.

By the time September came I was a little gutted that this coronavirus situation was still going on…wasn´t this a virus that would be killed with the summer heat? Why is this situation stretching for so long? None of us understand anything right? Nothing makes much sense to me and I don´t believe the mainstream media. You gotta do your own research, and it is still confusing! don´t know what to believe! During the autumn, I continued my work as a marketing researcher and finally after 6 months at home our kids went back to school. Yeeeeyyy!!! Phew what a relief! At last I would have a few hours for myself every morning. I also managed to do a couple of collaborations and styled shoots with other industry suppliers and that was nice. Nice to be back. Nice to grab the camera again. Nice to see that creativity comes to me once again easily and effortlessly.

I was afraid that winter would be tough but we did not go into lockdown again and the schools remained open, so it has been quite alright so far. And in no time at all it was already December, Christmas and New Years!!! I had a fantastic Christmas with my family and even though most of the activities planned in Mallorca were cancelled, at least we are free to walk out of the house and try to keep a normal life. I hope you too had a great time and did not let the circumstances dictate your happiness. I hope you were able to spend the holidays with your loved ones doing what you enjoy.

This has been a year for learning to be patient as well as for opening our eyes to the world and our leaders. It has been a year of spiritual awakening for humanity. We are all more aware of who is pulling the strings and many of us are not willing to be taken advantage of any more. At least for me, I now ask myself: “who benefits after this decision?” just follow the money trail…

Let´s stay strong and positive during 2021. Let´s start the New Year with the best intentions and positive energy. Let´s fill our hearts with love for ourselves, our friends and even send blessings to the politicians and people you would normally hate. Let´make 2021 the Year of Love.

I wish you much freedom, health, joy and happiness for 2021!

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