Wedding Trends for 2023!!

I thought it would be interesting and fun to see what trends are coming for Weddings in 2023, so I did a little research and read several articles. I am not a huge fan of trends, as some things you need to do your own way. Your wedding is a reflection of you and your partner and you should absolutely do it your own way! So if something is not trendy and you love it, go for it!!! It´s your day!!

However, having said that, and just to play around a bit, let´s see what trends are coming for Weddings in 2023. Also, before I continue, a little parenthesis: my editing style is totally timeless and outside trends. And this is intentional as I want my images to remain as timeless as possible. Close parenthesis.


This is a global trend that is spreading widely and has arrived to stay. Beautiful and spectacular décor and delicious food does not mean you cannot be green and respectful towards the planet right? Becoming more conscious of planet Earth during the wedding planning phase is totally doable and forward thinking. There are many ways you can reduce the environmental impact of your wedding, it only takes a little planning and thought. For example, you could use recycled paper for your invitations, ask your stationer to do only one knockout piece, support an ethical bridesmaids/groomsmen designer, choose conflict-free stones for jewelry gifts or even support a local bridal designer for your wedding dress (only an idea! I love Berta Bridal too!!)


Make your menu eco and veggie friendly, with organic, locally sourced food, Fairtrade or zero waste products. Another idea is to plan an ethical honeymoon. Do some research or hire a responsible holiday agent to plan your honeymoon. Try to support locally owned hotels or attractions You can´t save the planet with a wedding and this is not the intention, but only a few more eco-friendly choices can make a difference.


Use wedding favours to donate to your favourite charities or even give seeds as favours to plant trees. Alternatively, give local wedding favours to support the local economy.

You can also ask guests to donate to your favourite charity instead of gifts, donate to a cause that is dear your heart. You can also ask guests to donate to offset your travel carbon carbon footprint (if you are traveling by plane to your destination wedding).


The trend is for guests to be welcomed with all day BBQ parties, boat trips, beach days, games. Your guests will enjoy themselves, get to know some of your other guests and family and the atmosphere will be completely different on your wedding day. I must admit I have seen this trend go on for years now I love it, if your budget allows. I also love taking the opportunity to meet all the guests before the big day and I notice an overall sense of relaxation around myself (the photographer). It´s like the ice has been broken and when I approach guests or come near them at a wedding they look more relaxed if they have seen me work the day before.

Son Togores Wedding

Decorate the ceilings for a bigger impact with things like over-sized balloons with glitter, suspended white blooms hanging over the dance floor, geometric shapes such as a huge halo hanging over the ceremony area, light projection ceiling decorations…the sky is the limit! Even if you are holding your reception outdoors, and most of my weddings are outdoors, the trend is to have decoration hanging from above, such as chandeliers or lanterns hanging from trees, custom cut white butterflies and such.


It used to be a thing of the past to have massive cakes but it seems like the traditional cakes with many tiers and cake toppers are making a come back.

In recent years the trend was to have simple yet elegant cakes, not too overloaded or decorated, and some even without cake toppers. In my opinion, if the cake is pretty, it can be either simple and small or large and very decorated. There was a trend in the past which was NOT having a wedding cake (around 14 years ago when I got married) and I would definitely ditch that, hell yes, you need a wedding cake! Let´s make it a delicious one!


Some couples are going for a very small wedding ceremony with a big wedding reception. This allows you to have an intimate wedding in a small or secluded spot while at the same time getting to share a huge party with all of your friends. You could even have a little gap in between to rest and change your dress into a more sexy or funky dress. This way you share your special ceremony moments only with your loved ones and party the night away with all your friends. Sounds like a plan?

  • TIMELESS WEDDING STYLES such as Grace Kelly, with longer veils (from Vogue magazine)

According to Vogue magazine, traditional bridal styles are making a come back. These dresses are meant to stand the test of time so you don´t cringe when you look back at your wedding photos (which is totally my intention by applying a timeless edition with no filters!). I have the impression that by traditional they mean not too ornamentes and relying on immaculate tailorings and high end fabrics. For example, think the Vera Wang dress that Victoria Beckham wore so many years ago. Long veils are also back, and I always say, you will only have this one chance in life to wear a veil!


Ok so here anything digital or online goes. Think QR codes for menus or table sitting charts, digital invitations…or use lighting techniques to create the magical art of projecting imagery to transport your guests without really going very far. You can even ask your guests to share their phone images and get them projected onto the dance floor during the dance. And for those guests that could not make it to the wedding, ask your Photographer to share 10 photos with you on the same day, that can be edited on the mobile phone and shared with the guests that could not make it.

Another couple of great ideas: create a collaborative playlist together with your guests to make them feel part of your day or live stream your ceremony (especially good for elderly relatives that cannot travel). With technology the sky is the limit, who knows, maybe in the future we will celebrate weddings in the Metaverse. But also remember that we are made to touch, smell, feel, hug and kiss and dance with our loved ones and life in the real world tastes way better.

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