10 Tips to Choose your Mallorca Wedding Venue

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I believe much confusion and hesitation when planning a wedding is finding the right wedding venue for you. So for all of you planning your wedding in Mallorca, or elsewhere, I have today brought another expert to make your decision a little easier.

First of all, I will give you my own opinion. There isn´t the perfect wedding venue. There is the perfect wedding venue for you and your wedding needs. You might be in love with one venue in particular only to realise it does not cater the menu you like, or it does not have good road connections, or maybe it does not fit all of your guests. There will always be some kind of compromising to do. Another thing I would recommend, if you can do the whole wedding in one venue, even better. No time or money wasted on transportation, everything will be much easier.

Today I have invited Simone Lehr, founder of Mallorca Princess, one of the top wedding planners on Mallorca, with whom I have worked many times (let me tell ya she´s so much fun and even a little crazy! but works non-stop) to give you a few invaluable tips and advice on how to choose your wedding venue wisely.

Disclaimer: For those of you out there only starting your research, I am not a wedding planner 🙂  I am a wedding photographer, just giving nice tips to my couples. Any enquiries about wedding planning, please contact Simone or any of the other professional wedding planners in Mallorca. Here we goooo!!

1. Take your time in choosing your wedding location. Start 1- 1,5 years in advance for your dream Mallorca venue.


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2. Everything depends on the venue: do they have their own Chef or do they work with catering? If they have their own Chef or work with one catering in exclusivity then also study the folder with the menu prices, not only the Event fee for the location. Once you have confirmed the venue you don´t have any chance to negotiate the menu prices.



3. Ask if you will have the location in exclusivity for your wedding or if there might be other clients. This doesn´t happen in Event-Fincas normally but yes in Restaurants and Beach clubs, depending on your group size and the size of the venue.



4. Ask about the Music! A wedding without party music is for most of my clients a No-Go, but Mallorca has very strict laws for Music after midnight. Check beforehand if you can have party after midnight and where it has to be, nearly in all of the location you have to move inside after midnight.




5. If you are dreaming of a wedding in a private finca where you and your guests can sleep over, then be aware that there are not a lot of fincas in Mallorca really suitable for these kinds of events. It depends on the group size, but take into consideration that you don´t have the infrastructure of toilets, Plan B and electricity for a big party. You can rent everything, but the costs might go up much more than you thought in the beginning.




6. I get a lot of inquiries for beach weddings. The beaches in Mallorca are public and super crowded in the summer months. There are not a lot of options for a beach event unfortunately, and the options we have are full of compromises. Personally I do not recommend Mallorca for a beach wedding, there are other destinations what might fit better.




7. Get help for the venue search of an impartial professional who tells you the advantages and disadvantages of each venue. If you inquire directly to locations, obviously they try to sell their own venue, but not always tell you all the details and condition form the beginning.




8. Choose a venue what reflects your style. If you are dreaming of a vintage wedding don´t go for a stylish modern hotel and viceversa, because the decoration cost and effort to transform the location in something different will be very high.




9. When you visit a location you should go with somebody who knows it and can tell you where you can do what. A successful event has to have a natural flow, and you need different spaces for welcome drinks, ceremony, aperitive, dinner and party.



1.0 Take into consideration the transfer cost and in general the transportation situation. Isolated locations, specially private fincas, are not found easily by taxi drivers, or taxi drivers are not even available on a busy Saturday night. This can be a big problem when your guests want to return home after the party and you haven´t thought about a good transportation concept.



If you want to learn more about Simone at Mallorca Princess, please head over to her website and you can also watch my interview from 2016 with Simone here!

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