Spring loves Film!

Hi! Spring is slowly approaching! Today I am coming to show you my most spring-like photos ever! This is a throwback to my almond blossoms spring session that I did two years ago. What is special about these shots is that they are shot in real film.  Remember what photographers used 100 years ago, the same concept.  I took these shots with my analogic Canon 1V, which I bought in mint condition from Japan (they are no longer being manufactured).

Shooting film is fun and I love the dreamy, soft effect they produce, perfect for my style of photography.

My weddings all have that soft signature look (except on the family portraits, where the images have to be sharper). I don’t use film for my weddings because it is fiddly and in my opinion, film is more suitable for slower paced sessions, such as portrait session. Weddings are way too hectic and shooting digital allows me for capture spontaneous images and not only posed or editorial ones.  Also, another reason why I don’t use film for weddings is that film needs lots of light.  Also, after sunset you really are very limited with what you can do with film. Hence, this is why most photos you see out there of film weddings are all shot in bright light and not in the evening.

For now, I´ll leave you with these beautiful shots of this styled session I put together two years ago with my friend and make up artist Max Meah.  Film Fiji400H and images processed by Carmencita Film Lab.

Dress by: Y Comieron Perdices and Flowers by: Olivia Alexandra Flowers.

A great team effort! Carrying the wooden ladder to the shoot location was my biggest challenge as it was a 15 mins walk from the street. Its´s a good thing the man model (the groom, Max´s son) offered to carry it for me. Huge thanks to my beautiful model Indie.

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