7 Pro Tips for Planning a Stress-Free Wedding

(Updated on 21st February, 2019)


Hello! I am very excited to share with you invaluable tips from some of the best wedding planners in Mallorca, to make your wedding planning fun, easy and cost-efficient.

My original idea for this post was to give you some personal suggestions on how to organize your wedding in Mallorca. Being a professional wedding photographer for so many years has kind of given me inside knowledge too! However, I want to give you the best advice possible so I decided to go to the experts!! All my wedding planning contributors specialize in international clients from all over the world and have years of experience.

So in fact here we have 7 tips multiplied by 6!, as I have 6 amazing wedding planners contributing to my post today. Each of them will share their 7 most important tips when planning a wedding.

For those of you currently planning your wedding in Mallorca, or considering the idea, these tips are worth their weight in gold! Even if you are not getting married in Mallorca, these tips will also be of great help to you and I promise you this information will be worth your while! If you need further information regarding planning your wedding, please contact any of the wedding planners contributing here, but not me as I am a wedding photographer! Needless to say, I´d love to hear from you if you think we are the right match for your photos!

Katja Buhlan, co-founder of Mallorca Hochzeiten, a company with 15 years of experience planning weddings, gives you her 7 tips:
  1. Don´t put too much pressure on yourself. Never forget it´s all about YOUR wedding and not about impressing your guests.
  2. If you have a lot of ideas and feel that they don´t fit in one single wedding day, just extend your wedding and celebrate 2-3 days. That makes the most important day much more relaxed.
  3. Never forget to have a Plan B in mind. Although it´s not very likely, it might rain  – even in Mallorca. Once you have a good Plan B, the most likely is, that you will not need it.
  4. Don´t listen too much to the advice and ideas of friends and family members. You will forget your own wishes and these are the most important, cause it´s YOUR wedding.
  5. Take your time for planning, but not too long. One year is perfect, because you need to secure the venue. But if you start too early too many things might change and you´ll probably have to plan some items twice.
  6. Music is essential. But that does not mean that you need to choose the music everybody likes. Again, it´s your wedding, and you should choose the music that means something to you, not to anybody else.
  7. Once the big day is there you absolutely must forget about everything that has to do with the organization. This day is unique so you have to enjoy every minute and laugh about details that might come different than you thought.



Sara Klinkenberg founded Island Weddings Mallorca, a wedding and events planning company in 2007, after many years coordinating weddings at top 5 star hotels. Here she shares these practical tips with you:
  1. Make a list of what your essentials are.  It is natural to want to add more elements during the course of planning your wedding, & this will help you keep within your budget by eliminating what you can do without.
  2. Proritize. This will help you keep each stage in perspective during your wedding planning & your budget under control.
  3. There are 3 basic services that you should never cut down on when planning your wedding, photography, catering & music. The first will be the memories that you will always have to cherish & show to your future children & grandchildren, the second & third are what will make your wedding a success & something that nobody attending will forget.
  4. Your wedding is a reflection of who you are, so choose your wedding venue, wedding theme & decoration to reflect this.
  5. Choose a Wedding Planner who inspires you confidence, who understands perfectly who you are & what you want. That is the guarantee that you will have your Dream Wedding.
  6. When making decisions/choices, keep in mind that the first impact you feel is what counts. Hence they will be the right decisions/choices you make.
  7. It is essential to have a professional to coordinate each stage of your Wedding Day. This is the guarantee that you will be relaxed so that you can enjoy to the full the most important day of your life.



Lane Productions, an events and concierge company founded by Johanna Lane, with over 10 years of experience, has these 7 tips for you:
  1. On the morning of your wedding, keep your schedule to a minimum & enjoy every moment.
  2. Don’t organize any wedding work for yourself on the big day, just focus on getting ready & enjoying all your hard work.
  3. If it’s a destination wedding, travel to the island as early as you can to avoid travel stress or delays.
  4. Give everybody a job ahead of time, the last thing you want to be doing on your special day is delegating (someone to organize group photos, someone to be there for deliveries, someone to greet your vendors etc).
  5. Remember that during the summer months Mallorca is very very warm.  Getting married later in the afternoon means that you and your guests will be cooler – and – you can enjoy the day calmly when you wake up in the morning.
  6. Treat yourself to a pre-wedding pampering session so you look and feel your most beautiful on your special day.
  7. Take a minute to remember what it’s all about, on your big day, take 10 minutes to yourself & reflect.



Katja Redweick used to run a successful high-end wedding photography and video studio in Mallorca until she decided to start her company Mallorca Boutique Weddings to pursue her dream job. Here is her contribution:
  1. Start early with the planning of the wedding . Mallorca is a very popular place and some venues are booked a year in advance.  So, hurry up!
  2. Have a 2 or 3 day celebration. One day just is not long enough! You want to be able to share your moments with your family and friends without feeling rushed.
  3. Do not have a beach blessing  – our beaches are too crowded. Can you imagine being surrounded by people wearing bathing suits or even less? This is not romantic at all!
  4. Choose a venue with a plan B. We have only a view rainy days per year, but you never know. Just do not risk it!
  5. Choose an event Finca not a holiday home . The neighbours might not be very keen on a big open air party next door. And you do not want the police attending your wedding as a special guest, right?
  6. Book a professional wedding photographer with a good reputation . Be especially aware if someone offers services very cheap or even for free. You want to look stunning on your pictures. Choose a professional wedding photographer!
  7. Have a late afternoon or early evening ceremony .  In the summer months it is usually too hot for a day time wedding. I suggest getting married after the siesta and party until the early morning!



ChillMeOut Lounge your Event, is a recently founded company with many years of experience in the wedding planning industry in Mallorca. Their expert team has some valuable advice for you:
  1. Make a wedding budget and stick to it. Pick the most important categories for you and allocate each amount according to your priorities.
  2. Make a plan B. There is little chance of rain but if you don´t have a plan B you will be more stressed. Always choose a venue with an interior option or book marquee in advance.
  3. Have a hair and make-up trial. We need to make sure before the wedding that our make up and hair artists can achieve the looks we want. Let them advise you on what works and does not work for you and for your overall style.
  4. Keep all your wedding supplier contacts together, either on an agenda or on your computer. Have more than one for each category in case of a last minute emergency so you can substitute them quickly in case of no-show, illness or accident.
  5. Make a timesheet of the day, as precise as you can, with arrival and departure times for suppliers, decoration, light and music set up, arrival of guests, speeches, etc
  6. Minimize your wedding suppliers. This will be easier for you and the communication more effective. Go for companies that offer integral wedding services (with flowers, decorations, chill out ,etc) so you don´t have to deal with so many different companies at once.
  7. Have someone coordinating your wedding day. Either a good friend or a professional wedding planner. You would enjoy and be more relaxed if you have someone who could coordinate all the supplier´s and timings, keeping control of the smooth running of the event.



Luisa Catalán, partner of Mallorca Label, a concierge and events service based in Palma de Mallorca, offers very practical tips and advice:
  1. Keep track on a calendar of your weekly tasks, deadlines and budget. Moleskine wedding notebooks are very handy.
  2. It´s fun to create your own wedding app. We love Appycouple, where guests can RSVP, see the timings, upload photos and send a message if they need assistance with transfer or have allergies.
  3. Get inspired online but do NOT become obsessed with Pinterest and the thousands of photos on blogs.
  4. Be faithful to your own style and again do not let yourself be too influenced with that you see online.
  5. Attend wedding fairs, where you can see and speak to many wedding suppliers in one day. It will save you time, you will meet other brides and it will give you new ideas.
  6. Your wedding should be a reflection of you. Keep it simple and enjoy the whole process.
  7. On the wedding day, take a few moments together to step away from everyone and just watch during the reception! Remember what your wedding day is truly about- celebrating your love as a couple. Enjoy each other, have fun, and remember that it´s OK if everything does not go as planned.

I hope these tips and advice have been helpful to you and remember how valuable a wedding planner or coordinator can be.

My ten cents to you: Don´t get stressed, it´s only a wedding!!!

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